Do You Know What The Germiest Place In Your Home Is?

When thinking about the germiest place in your house, you might immediately think of the bathroom, and more specifically the toilet. However, this isn’t true. The room in your home that has the most germs is actually the kitchen.

It’s a scary fact considering it’s the room where you prepare all of your meals, but the kitchen is most likely the germiest place in your home. If you think about it, it does make sense. We do lots of hazardous things in the kitchen, including cutting and defrosting meats to cross-contamination in the fridge. It’s important to know how to combat hazards like salmonella and E. coli.

One thing is to make sure you change your kitchen sponges regularly. Just because you’re washing dishes with them doesn’t mean they’re actually clean. Also, the National Safety Foundation recommends using a bleach solution once a month to sanitize the kitchen sinks and drains.

The same thing goes for other surfaces in your kitchen. If you’re looking to avoid the expense of sanitizing wipes, the same bleach solution used on your sink can be used to bleach cutting boards, countertops, and even your fridge handle.

It’s often easy to neglect your fridge since it’s something that (hopefully) never goes completely empty. However, it’s very important to clean out your fridge often. Sanitizing the drawers and compartments that house meat and vegetables are especially important.

Another place that often gets neglected in the kitchen is your coffee machine. In addition to wiping down the exterior regularly, make sure to run a thorough vinegar cycle to help with disinfecting and getting rid of buildup.

Make sure you use these tips and don’t neglect the most important room in your house! There are lots of hidden spots full of bacteria that you need to clean regularly.