Achoo! Early Signs That You’re Catching A Cold

No matter where you work or what vaccine you get, a common cold can sneak up on anyone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most adults catch two to three colds each year. When you start getting sick, it’s best to identify your illness early.

Early cold symptoms can disguise themselves as allergies or reactions to the weather. What’s the difference between a scratchy throat and a cold? Do your watery eyes mean anything? Pinpoint your illness early by learning the telltale symptoms of a common cold.

You Feel Unusually Fatigued

As the immune system works to defend the body, people may feel more tired than usual. Fatigue is a symptom of several diseases and events, according to Dr. Melissa Stoppler of MedicineNet. If your tiredness accompanies congestion, headache, and a scratchy throat, you may have a cold.

Man sleeps at his desk with a piece of paper over his face.
DAVID BREWSTER/Star Tribune via Getty Images
DAVID BREWSTER/Star Tribune via Getty Images

Persistent fatigue may come from seasonal depression or chronic fatigue. Usually, if you feel tired due to a cold, you’ll know within a couple of days. Get plenty of sleep and eat nutritious foods if you feel lethargic; your body might be able to fight off the cold.