Essential Hair Care Tips For The Most Luscious Locks Ever

Do you take care of your hair as well as you take care of the rest of your body? Regardless of whether your hair is fine, curly, textured, or straight, there are some care tips that are universal. You might not have known that towel-drying your tresses is just as bad as washing it during your hot shower, or that exfoliating your scalp is just as important as exfoliating the skin on your face. If reading this made you realize that your hair is overlooked, then get ready for some essential hair care tips you absolutely need to know.

Rinse With Lukewarm Water

Hot showers might feel like the most relaxing way to get clean but it turns out that that scalding water isn’t doing your hair any favors. Hot water actually strips your hair of its natural essential oils which might be why your hair looks dull and feels dry despite the hair products you use to combat those problems.

a model rinses off in the shower.
Frances McLaughlin-Gill/Condé Nast via Getty Images
Frances McLaughlin-Gill/Condé Nast via Getty Images

Not only is hot water bad for your hair, but it’s hard on your skin too. Try using lukewarm water for your showers instead. Your hair (and skin) will thank you.