Feeling Bloated? Try These Tricks To Deflate Abdominal Bloating

Bloating can be uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. The frustrating ailment can take a hit to your self-confidence by making your jeans a little tighter and your flatulence a little more frequent. For those who endure bloat more often than they’d like, there is hope. Certain foods, like papaya, can provide the digestive tract with what it needs to either pass the gas or stop it before it starts. There are also habits that may help, like kicking the chewing gum and trying out yoga. Read on to discover more ways to help fight bloating.

Incorporate Ginger Into Your Diet

It’s no secret that ginger is a gentle aid to the digestive tract. According to Livestrong, the root soothes the digestive tract by calming down intestinal activity and expelling gas. Gingerols in ginger can also ease abdominal pain associated with bloating.

The root of ginger is pictured.
MyLoupe/UIG Via Getty Images
Root, Zingiber officinale. (Photo by FlowerPhotos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends taking 2 to 4 grams of fresh root each day, or one gram of powdered ginger daily. You can also grate a small amount of ginger and add it to hot water. Stir in some honey and lemon and you have a refreshing tea.