A Food Poisoning Expert Shares Which Things You Should Avoid Eating

Food: we can’t live without it, but that doesn’t mean we need to consume all of it. With E. coli and Salmonella outbreaks happening across the globe, it can be a dangerous game trying to determine what is safe to consume or how to prepare and eat it. Thankfully, there are food safety experts like Bill Marler who are happy to give out free tips on matters like this. The national expert on foodborne illness litigation has a solid set of rules that can bring value to many individuals when it comes to food safety. Continue reading and discover ways to ensure you’re eating as healthily as possible, straight from the expert himself!

Be Careful With The White Stuff

a cow has milk
Rebecca Sapp/WireImage for RL Public Relations & Marketing
Rebecca Sapp/WireImage for RL Public Relations & Marketing

While it’s rare that someone would do this, Bill Marler still needed to warn about the dangers of consuming raw milk. That’s right, when the milk goes straight from the cow to your belly.

Raw milk can be infected with different kinds of bacteria. While some may argue that milk loses nutrients during pasteurization, it’s just not worth the risk of consuming the stuff raw. Marler has seen the dangers.