Save Your Groceries! Hacks To Make Food Last Longer

In the United States, 30% to 40% of food goes to waste. When people buy groceries, the food often goes bad before they can eat it. But some simple tricks can make your groceries last longer. Re-organize your refrigerator and turn your tomatoes upside-down; your food will stay fresh for longer! Read on for more hacks to prolong food’s shelf life.

Place Your Tomatoes Upside-Down On The Counter

During an interview with Epicurious, food scientist Harold McGee said that tomatoes are especially sensitive to refrigerator temperatures. The refrigerator can inhibit flavor-producing enzymes. Instead of putting ripe tomatoes in the fridge, place them upside-down on the counter.

Tomatoes sit on a baking sheet with their stems facing down.

The stem allows air to go inside the tomato. By turning the stem down, you can slow the ripening process. If your tomatoes become too ripe, stick them in the fridge for a bit to revive them.