Dealing With Knee Pain? These Foods Can Make It Better Or Worse

According to The Washington Post, about one in four adults suffer from chronic knee pain. Knee pain is mostly caused by osteoarthritis and sometimes the only way to get rid of it is through knee replacement. Most would like to avoid that route, which is why they should learn which foods can have a positive and negative effect on their knee pain.

Best: Why You Should Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Daily

There are a ton of health benefits for those who regularly consume apple cider vinegar. Not only can it relieve knee pain if someone drinks it, but it can also be applied topically.

apple cider vinegar bottle with blue background
Rajya Laxmi/Flickr
Rajya Laxmi/Flickr

If someone drinks about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day, it can dissolve toxins within the knee that spark inflammation.