Must-Have Skincare Products For Women Over 40

Face and Body Skincare and SPF Protection In One: Anthelios Melt-In Milk Face & Body Sunscreen SPF 60

Your sunscreen should do more than protect your skin from harmful UV rays, right? That’s what Anthelios believes and why this product has won multiple awards. Anthelios designed Melt-In Milk sunscreen to do so much more than just protect your face and body from the sun. This product is dermatologist tested to help minimize acne with salicylic acid and improve skin texture.


It works to hydrate and nourish the skin with collagen stimulation, firming and lifting. Unlike other sunblocks, Melt-in Milk won’t feel greasy and doesn’t have a fragrance. It also quickly absorbs into the skin for water resistant protection. For simultaneous protection and skincare, this is the sunscreen to reach for. Purchase this for just $35.99 from Skin Elite with one click using the Fast Checkout button.


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