Dress Your Best: Ideal Outfits For Each Body Type

Figuring out what to wear doesn’t have to be stressful. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, so finding the right clothing items can be a handful. Luckily, whether you are pear-shaped, hourglass, petite, or more, there are dozens of pieces made to fit your body. Continue reading to see what will look best on you.

Are You Apple-Shaped?

Someone who has an apple-shaped body will be curvy, but have a less defined waist. Another way to put it is if your body is mostly round or circular.

apple-shaped woman posing for a photo
Jade Destiny/Unsplash
Jade Destiny/Unsplash

These people will have an average to big bust size, a wide ribcage and back, fullness around the mid-section, and narrow hips.