Don’t Harm Your Body With These Bad (But Common) Shower Habits

Have you ever considered the “right” and “wrong” ways to shower? Dermatologists have, and they’ve warned people about common–yet unhealthy–shower habits. These practices can dry out your skin, damage your hair, and even spread diseases.

If you enjoy a long shower, you’ll want to keep reading. Biologists and dermatologists have identified health concerns in everyday habits, such as keeping your loofah in the shower. Become the perfect shower-er when you learn how to correct these mistakes.

It’s The Worst Place To Wash Your Face

washing face

Although washing your face in the shower saves time, most dermatologists advise against it. In short, showers are too hot, too pressurized, and just too much water. According to dermatologist Hadley King, the skin on our faces will dry out if it’s in water for too long. Remember, facial skin is more sensitive than body skin.

On top of that, most showers are hot enough to aggravate the skin. Overly-hot water can dilate blood vessels or even break them. If you turn down the temperature and the pressure, you can wash your face in the shower, says Dr. King.