More Harm Than Good: Skip These Bad (But Common) Shower Habits

Have you ever considered that there are “right” and “wrong” ways to shower? Dermatologists have, and they’re warning people about common, but unhealthy, shower habits. These practices can dry out your skin, damage your hair, and even spread diseases.

Experts have identified health concerns about everyday habits, such as keeping your loofah in the shower. If you enjoy a long shower, you’ll want to keep reading.

Replace That Plastic Showerhead

Plastic showerheads are worse than metal ones, at least when it comes to health. In an interview with NPR, Dr. Norman Pace, a professor of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, described the difference. He said that plastic showerheads build up bio-film more than metal, which also gathers more bacteria.

A shower head sprays water.

It’s no wonder that scientists from the University of Colorado found more germs on plastic showerheads than on metal ones. You can tell what your showerhead is made of based on the connection material. If it’s a screw-on instead of a secure bolt, it’s likely plastic.