Heal Yourself With These Research-Backed Home Remedies That Actually Work

Have you ever tried a home remedy? These days, many people dismiss home remedies as old wives’ tales: supposed truths that are actually superstitions. But what if some of these techniques really work? What if doctors and studies alike support people doing them?

You can solve specific bodily pain, illness, and other dilemmas by using the ingredients in your kitchen cabinets. Based on scientific research, you can save money by curing warts with duct tape and eliminating bad breath by gargling citrus juice. The amount of home remedies backed by science is surprising. Read on to learn which ones can actually work.

End Hiccups With A Spoonful Of Sugar

Some holding a teaspoon of sugar
Luis Ascui/Getty Images
Luis Ascui/Getty Images

Of all the hiccup-prevention techniques, eating a spoonful of sugar isn’t the most well-known. However, a study in the British Medical Journal found that 19 out of 20 people ended their hiccups successfully by eating sugar.

The New England Journal of Medicine clarifies that the coarse granulates brush against your nerves. The grains are so small that they can scratch that irritated nerve that’s making you cough. With a teaspoon, place the sugar on the back of your tongue, and swallow. If you don’t want to swallow sugar, the Cleveland Clinic suggests that chewing on crushed ice has the same effect.