The Sleeping Habits Of Elite Athletes And How It Improves Their Performance

Sleep is essential to recovery. Elite athletes rely on getting plenty of shut-eye to help them perform at peak levels. Not only does sleep aid in muscle recovery, but it also increases performance. According to one study, “increasing the average number of hours per sleep for a group of basketball players from 6.5 per night to nearly 8.5 hours per night improved their free throw shooting by 11.4% and their three-point shooting by 13.7%.” This is how much the best athletes in the world sleep and why!

You Won’t Like Roger Federer If He Doesn’t Get His 12 Hours!

Roger Federer is a real grouch if he doesn’t get his 12 hours of sleep. Not all of that sleep has to come at night, which is important to note. He says, “if I don’t sleep 11-12 hours a day, it’s not right.”

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Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images
Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

One of the benefits of all that sleep, according to Fatigue Science is improved decision making (up to 4.3 percent). Thinking even slightly more quickly, allows Federer to react faster than his opponents, giving him an edge on the court.