The 6 Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

We all love dogs– our days are brightened when we get to pet a neighbor’s dog or see a playful puppy at a local coffee shop. Dogs come in a variety of breeds that help dictate their energy levels and personality so when it comes to adopting a dog as an emotional support animal, it’s important to factor in which breed your companion will be. For people who suffer from PTSD or depression, an emotional support dog can provide comfort and boost oxytocin to help relieve feelings of depression. Having a companion dog can also prevent feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Here we’ve listed the top six dog breeds that make for the best emotional support animals so that you can make an informed decision before you pick a companion for life. At the top of the list are Bernese mountain dogs, which are loving and easygoing. Second is the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who loves to cuddle. Of course, Golden retrievers make the list as they’re easier to train than most dogs, and also eager to please their owners. Poodles are fourth on the list, as they form strong bonds with their owner, and are hypoallergenic. Two small dog breeds that make the list are French bulldogs and Chihuahuas, which are easy to travel with and love to be alongside their owner.