The Best And Worst Hand Soap Brands On The Market

Throughout the day, people wash their hands for all sorts of reasons. The thing is, not all hand soaps are great for a person’s skin. According to experts, some soaps are fine and have moisturizing properties, while others can cause rashes and irritate the skin.

The next time hand soap shopping is on the agenda, keep these upcoming brands in mind.

Worst: Softsoap Aquarium

The exterior of Softsoap Aquarium might look appealing, but it isn’t a great soap to use. This particular hand soap contains ingredients that aren’t great for skin, including Cocamidopropyl betaine, BHT, and SLS.

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Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

According to PubChem, “Cocamidopropyl betaine may cause allergic reactions and skin sensitivity and has been suspected to be a possible environmental toxin.”