These Poisonous Plants Could Wreak Havoc In Your Yard

Plants add beauty and mystique to the space they occupy, but under all of that natural beauty, there can be some danger within. There are many plants that are quite toxic, which can cause harm to anyone that comes into contact with them. In order to prevent danger in the great outdoors, learn about some of the most poisonous plants in existence.

Hydrangeas Have Traces Of Cyanide

The easiest way to detect if you’re looking at a hydrangea is the blooms of large, ball-shaped flowers that attach themselves onto the bush. These can be pink, white, red, or blue.

White lacecap hydrangea in a garden in County Cork, Ireland
Tim Graham/Getty Images
Tim Graham/Getty Images

Parts of the plant do contain cyanide, which is one of the most dangerous poisons in the world. Contact with hydrangeas can cause vomiting, heavy breathing, lethargy, stomach ache, and coma.