After You Learn The Unexpected Benefits Of Exercise, You’ll Hit The Gym

What do you if you want to lose weight or improve heart health? Exercise, of course. But working out isn’t just about the calories. There are several (and arguably better) reasons to hit the gym since exercise can enhance almost every aspect of your life.

From skin health to mood improvement to strengthening your immune system, physical activity offers so many benefits. Even ten more minutes of walking each week can elongate your life. If you need a better reason to hit the gym than counting calories, read on.

Exercise Promotes Skin Health

A woman smiles at a camera while leaning against a tree.

Oddly enough, sweating from exercise can do wonders for your skin. According to a 2015 study in the journal Aging Cell, exercise can enhance skin tissue, boost skin metabolism, and delay visible aging. And these results have little to do with weight.

Exercise helps the skin because it causes healthy blood circulation, dermatologist Ellen Marmur told WebMD. Blood carries nutrients, such as oxygen, to the skin, and sweat removes toxins. Just remember to wash your face after working out, and don’t wear makeup to the gym.