What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Health And Relationships

Some people may find it comfortable to sleep on their back, some prefer their side, and others like sleeping on their stomach. A person’s sleeping position can say a lot about both their personality and their overall health. Continue reading to discover what your nightly sleeping routine might really mean.

These Sleepers May Be Trusting And Indecisive

Dr. Idzikowski describes the yearning log sleeping position as someone who sleeps on their side, but stretches their arms out in front of them. Someone who chooses to sleep this way may be a little more open and trusting than most.

woman lying on her side with arms stretched out
Damir Spanic/Unsplash
Damir Spanic/Unsplash

While this person probably isn’t too gullible in their life, they may be very indecisive. Luckily, once they make up their mind, they usually stick to their opinion. Also, side sleeping is great for digestion and can reduce snoring.