These Annoying Gym Habits Need To Be Dropped Quicker Than A Dumbbell

If the gym is your home away from home, then you know just how awful it is when others don’t follow proper gym etiquette. Is it necessary to slam your dumbbells on the ground once you’ve completed a hard set? Do you really need to sing all the lyrics to that song you’re listening to as you use the bench press? These are a few pet peeves that group instructors, trainers, and fitness pros from around the world consider some of the worst behaviors when at the gym. Here are all the nagging habits you need to quit.

If You’ve Come To Follow, Then Follow

Going to the gym for a solo workout can be very rewarding and beneficial for those who know what they’re doing. If you are like many who have no clue how to obtain “gains” or work on your cardio, then you might find yourself in a boot camp class. Allie Cohen, a trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in L.A., shed some light on that environment.

follow the pack
JP Yim/Getty Images for Carbon38
JP Yim/Getty Images for Carbon38

“If you want to do your own workout you should go to the gym on your own, not to boot camp, Cohen said. “It’s very distracting and throws the energy off when one person isn’t practicing.”