Creative Uses For Salt That You May Have Never Realized

As a staple spice, most people keep some salt in their kitchen. But this popular seasoning has several other uses that many folks don’t know about. You can use regular table salt to clean many of your belongings and even to help out your hair. Read on for some amazing and helpful ways you can use salt.

Scrub Away Pan Grease

Salt can be used as a scouring agent. By tossing it into cleaning recipes, salt boosts the deodorizing action of dishwasher soaps. Sprinkle some onto your grease-coated pan and scrub. The thicker the salt, the better it’ll clean.

Person cleans a carbon steel pan with salt

If you have an old cast iron skillet, try this trick without the soap. Coat the skillet with salt and leave it for about ten minutes. Then, grab a damp towel, sponge, or other cleaning tool and have at it. The salt should scrub away the grime.